Marketing your business

The SBDC at Blinn College can help you develop a marketing plan for your business. Your marketing efforts will be more successful if you put together a cohesive plan at the start, instead of using various, unrelated items later in a piecemeal fashion.


Branding is important to establish your business identity. Your brand should be well thought out and used consistently. We can help you determine & hone your brandfrom writing a mission statement through designing a logo.


These days, most businesses need a web site. The internet is the first place many people look when they're trying to find a vendor, supplier or service provider. If they can't find you online, they might never know your busienss exists.

If you are starting a business, the Blinn College SBDC can help you develop a basic site for your business. It's easy and inexpensive: you tell us what you want on your site and we make the pages. We can teach you how to update your site if that's something you want to do.

If you're an existing business and have a website, we'll be happy to look it over and suggest ways to improve it.  If you don't have one, we can guide you in planning a site . . . and suggest a hosting company with an easy to use template.

Marketing pieces

We can design and print business cards and fliers to get you startedeven design a sign for your storefront or facility, if you need one. Later, we can help you with advertisement campaigns and lay out business forms, as you have a need for them.